How It All Started

lizas dollhouse

A few years ago my daddy asked me if I wanted to finish a dollhouse he had started (barely) for my sister back in the 80s. My granddaughter was five at the time and so I thought it would be a great present for her, so I said “YES!” I had no idea what I was getting myself into or that it would turn into something that I would pursue past finishing this house.

In the late 70s/early 80s my daddy built a dollhouse that was a replica of an old Victorian house in my hometown for my cousins. He used the blueprints from the real house to replicate it mini-size. My aunt still has it, even though it might need a little attention since it has been greatly loved. It was a few years after that he decided to build one for my sister, but for some reason it never really got off the ground.


When I got the old unfinished dollhouse, he had put a few plugs in, the flooring on the first floor, the staircase and the downstairs windows, but that was about it. I learned a lot while working on this house, which was from a kit. Victorian is not really my style, so I painted it pink, and did my own thing on the inside. None of which is Victorian.

Dining Room

I learned how to wire the lights, I learned about all the places you can buy stuff, there are so many! I learned how HARD it is to work in tiny cramped spaces. Step by step and bit by bit, I worked on it. I learned about which glues work best with different things, which paints to use, etc… there really is a lot to learn. Some things that work well in “real size” houses don’t do so well in miniature. I’ve learned so many things while finishing this house.


This dollhouse has been decorated by my grandchildren. I let them choose the furniture and arrange it. I used my own designs for all the wallpaper except in the dining room. And I needlepointed the rugs for the den, dining room, the upstairs hall and the one that ended up in the nursery, but wasn’t really intended for that spot, but it’s not my house.


My granddaughter LOVES it so that is all that matters, and her brothers like to play with it too!

Girl’s Room

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