The Covid House- Part 2

One of the first things I did in the house was the game room. I knew I wanted a pool table and a Galaga machine. My son bought a used, full size Galaga arcade machine when he was in high school. I have to admit it was fun to play, and I wasn’t terrible. I wanted to make one for my game room, so I found the graphics for it online, I found the dimensions and shrunk them down to 1:12 size and went to work. I wanted it to have a “screen” that was lit, so I finally figured out I could print on transparent paper and with a light inside, became my screen. Also, the little red light that shows it is “on” above the “coin slot” actually glows. (not that anyone will ever know, it is almost impossible to see, but I know!)

Dollhouse Galaga Arcade Game

The lights for over the pool table were something I had seen when looking for game room inspiration. It became quickly apparent I would have to make that light if I wanted it. Still being very new to lighting, I bought the green pool table lights, at the time I really had no idea I could make my own, and designed how I would make them work with the tiny pool balls. I painted the little balls, made the frame and it worked! Now I still have to make the pool table!

Dollhouse Game Room

In my pool bath, (for the lap pool outside the game room), I wanted a drum light. There are not a lot of modern lights available for dollhouses, and certainly not what I had in mind. I also, hadn’t found all the sellers of miniatures on Instagram either, which there are tons of, and they make everything!

I was looking through a box of old stuff I had saved to use when creating shapes on paintings and found the inside of a scotch tape roll, and the light bulb (pun intended) when off! It could be my drum light. I had some copper tape that I ran around the top, bottom and middle and it was just what I wanted. I had no idea how to hang it or from what, until in the same box, I saw the wire part of an old champagne bottle. It was perfect! I wove a little single light down through the wire and had the drum light for my pool bath.

Dollhouse Drum Light

Then I realized I needed lights for either side of the mirror. And of course I wanted them to match or at least coordinate with my ceiling fixture. I used white plastic rectangular tubing and the copper tape again to make these. I may try to make a tutorial about how I made these, they are pretty easy and the fronts remove so I can change bulbs if I need to.

Pool Bath Sconces

When I decided I wanted to do a wine cellar, I knew I wanted some medieval looking lights for the walls. I found a bunch of old jewelry parts (from the time I thought I wanted to make jewelry- I failed miserably at that!) For the “flame” tips, I pulled off the top of battery operated tea lights and put them over the bulb. I made a back plate with a little cup hook to hold it on the wall.

Wine Cellar Lights

I also made a very simple ceiling fixture out of wood. I also put recessed lights inside each of the arches so the wine bottles show up better.

Wine Cellar

I also wanted a place to taste wine in the wine cellar so I built a cabinet, that has tilted shelves at the bottom and place to stand (or sit, if I ever make stools) and taste wine. Another recessed light is above a reproduction of one of my paintings. I still need to make a table and chairs for the back corner and get more wine!

Wine Cellar Cabinet

There is still much to do in all of these rooms, but I really want to finish building the house, before I spend more time adding things. Also, if I end up selling the house, part of the fun for the person buying is to collect and decorate.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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