Meet Beth

Welcome to Mini Mansions. I am thrilled you are here to take a look at the beautiful mini mansions I have built or am in the process of building.

I have been an artist all my life. Literally….since I was six and started taking art lessons. I LOVE creating. I have dabbled in everything. Ceramics, pottery, mosaics, hand painted clothing both for adults and children. I have painted floor cloths for interior designers, I have faux finished HUGE walls for furniture companies, I have owned several of my own businesses, stationery/invitation manufacturing, digital art and designs and an entire line of products with my art printed on them, all personally made by me. And I painted paintings. Oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. There isn’t an art supply that I haven’t bought at one time or another, and probably still have from years ago.

I finished building a dollhouse my dad had started for my sister back in the 80s. I did it for my granddaughter’s birthday. The mini bug bit! You can read the whole story on my blog. Then when the 2020 lockdown came I started building my own house from scratch. With very little plan at all, I just started with some good size rooms and had fun. I am still having fun and because so many people have been interested, I will be building some to sell and also consider taking custom orders.